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23 Jul 2020
Thursday, 6:30 PM
Monmouth Public Library

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In an abundance of caution, the Mid-Valley Parenting leadership team has made the decision to suspend all parenting education series across the region. Please continue checking back for more updates on when registration will begin. 

Parent Trivia Night!


Looking for a fun way to connect with other parents and caregivers? Join us for the first ever Mid-Valley Parenting Trivia Night! Questions about the joys and challenges of raising kids will make for a fun afternoon of trivia. Prizes will range from $150 to $50 in value. Come with your team of four ready to go, or join one at the door! See the flyer below for more details! 

Free child care is available at the Academy Building beginning at 1:30pm. If you need child care during this event, click here


Hand-in-Hand: Visiting your Child's Doctor

By Parenting Together 

What feelings come to mind when you think about taking your child to the doctor? It is a big responsibility, especially in the early years when doctors recommend multiple visits in a short amount of time.


Visiting the doctor with your child is very important and can set the foundation for how your child seeks medical care in the future. For older children and toddlers, visiting the doctor may bring up a range of emotions. It is important to be mindful of these emotions before the visit (as well as during and after) so that you can help your child process these big feelings in a healthy way.


In this month's Parent Together newsletter, parents can learn more about how to help our children feel more at ease when visiting the doctor's office. Click here to view the newsletter and read helpful tips.

¿Qué sentimientos vienen a la mente cuando usted piensa acerca de llevar a su hijo/a al médico? Es una gran responsabilidad, especialmente en los primeros años, cuando los médicos recomiendan varias visitas en un corto período de tiempo.


Visitar al médico con su hijo/a es muy importante y puede establecer las bases para que su hijo/a busque atención médica en el futuro. Para niños mayores y pequeños, visitar al doctor puede traer una variedad de sentimientos. Es importante ser consciente de estos sentimientos antes de la visita (así como durante y después) para que usted pueda ayudar a su hijo/a a comprender estos grandes sentimientos de una manera saludable.


Haca clic aqui para leer todo el boletín de Padres Juntos y aprender acerca de consejos para que su hijo/a no tema las visitas médicas.