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Role Models: Dads Helping Dads

Parenting is the hardest work that you will ever do! Learn how to be the father you want to be for your children! Share ideas with other fathers and be a man who actively provides guidance, love and support to enhance the development and growth of the children in your family!

Language English
Date and Time
  • 09/23/21 06:00pm > 08:00pm
  • 09/30/21 06:00pm > 08:00pm
  • 10/07/21 06:00pm > 08:00pm
  • 10/14/21 06:00pm > 08:00pm
  • 10/21/21 06:00pm > 08:00pm
  • 10/28/21 06:00pm > 08:00pm
  • 11/04/21 06:00pm > 08:00pm
  • 11/11/21 06:00pm > 08:00pm
  • 11/18/21 06:00pm > 08:00pm
  • 12/02/21 06:00pm > 08:00pm
  • 12/09/21 06:00pm > 08:00pm
  • 12/16/21 06:00pm > 08:00pm
  • 12/23/21 06:00pm > 08:00pm
Location Virtual
Virtual, Virtual
Age Groups
  • Preschool (4 yrs)
  • Elementary School (K-5)
  • Middle School (6-8)
Special Criteria None
Evidence-Based Yes
Provides Childcare No
Provides Food No
Enrolled 4 / 24
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